Airports Company South Africa SOC Ltd (the Company) owns and manages nine South African airports. We also participate in equity investments abroad as well as provide technical advisory and consultancy services to other airports globally. The Company and its subsidiaries constitute the Group. Our majority shareholder, with a 74.6% stake, is the South African Government. In line with the government’s developmental objectives, we aim to create sustainable value over the short, medium and long term which will positively impact not only our business, but our people, the society in which we operate and our environment. This is achieved by managing Airports Company South Africa in an integrated manner.

The diagram below illustrates how our business processes interact to develop our integrated strategy and approach to reporting.

Appropriate governance controls and oversight are in place throughout the Company to ensure effective control and a strong sense of ethics and legitimacy, which is reflected in good performance. Read more 

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External focus

Through our stakeholder engagement process, we seek to understand the needs and concerns of our valued stakeholders.

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Internal focus

Our inward focus is on the risks and opportunities highlighted by our enterprise risk management system.

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Holistic focus

Our holistic understanding of the challenges our Group faces and the opportunities available for improvement and growth, enable us to respond to material matters.

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Our strategic proposition

Our strategy reflects our response plan in the short, medium and long term, by setting objectives and explaining how we aim to achieve them.

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Value creation model

We ensure that our value creation model utilises resources and relationships (our capitals) optimally and is structured to enable strategy execution and value creation.

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Performance against strategy

To reflect on the extent to which we have succeeded in delivering against our strategy, we provide performance feedback in the following sections of our report:

Through our stakeholder engagement process, we seek to understand the needs and concerns of our valued stakeholders.

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We remunerate our people based on performance. This promotes successful execution of our strategy.

Our commitment to our stakeholders

To build purposeful and responsive relationships with our stakeholders so as to achieve agreed outcomes that support sustainable value creation. Through our business review process, we gain an understanding of changing global trends and how these impact our operating environment.

Our pledge to our customers

  •  To embed a culture of service excellence
  • To build an efficient customer-focused business, while contributing to socio-economic development