As a State-owned company, driving transformation is an intrinsic part of our value creation story. Our approach to transforming our business is founded on the imperative of effecting change. We drive change that addresses the inequality inherent in the South African economy and change that reduces our environmental impact. To us, transformation is a process that collapses the barriers of exclusion and creates new opportunities, contributing to inclusive growth and stability, while fostering a bright and sustainable future for everyone who lives, works and travels in our country. We are committed to developing the socio-economic status of previously disadvantaged South Africans through initiatives that go beyond legislation and focus on tangible development to strengthen our democracy. As a world-class airport operator, we acknowledge our activities and operations have a diverse impact on the environment and we are committed to managing this responsibly.

Our integrated transformation agenda is aligned to South Africa’s National Development Plan, informed by our Sustainability Framework and focuses on transforming our people, our society, our environment and our supplier base. Transformation of our supplier base spans seven sectors and is achieved through preferential procurement and enterprise development. In these sectors we leverage our support of SMMEs within our operating space as well as our procurement spending power to advance transformation beyond our internal operations. Refer to page 59 for more information on our seven sectors.

We manage the transformation of our business, our people and society and our environment as a strategic objective and our efforts are measured and monitored through four KPIs outlined below.

B-BBEE Level: We maintained a B-BBEE status Level 2 rating contributor with 125% BEE Procurement Recognition Level , meeting our target for the year under review.
We gained significant traction in our enterprise development initiative within the commercial space, which contributed to this achievement. Our target for FY2020/21 remains Level 2.

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Black business share of
commercial revenue generated
(FY2018/19: 54%)

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Number of job opportunities

23 750
(FY2018/19: 30 684)

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ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation level Level 2 certification received for
four airports (FY2018/19: Level 2 certification received for two airports)

Integrated transformation agenda