Our mission

To develop and manage world-class airport businesses for the benefit of
all stakeholders.

Our vision

To be a world-leading airport business.

Vision 2025

To be the most sought-after partner
in the world for the provision of sustainable airport management solutions by the year 2025.

Our values

Our values are defined by the acronym PRIDE: Passion, Results, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence.

Audit and Risk Committee

Our strategy is implemented over three time horizons to create value over the short, medium and long term.

Horizon 1

By 2020:

1 September 2018

Horizon 2

By 2025:

Build associated emerging businesses and drive medium-term growth.

Horizon 3

By 2025:

Create viable business options to ensure our success in the long term.

Three-pillar strategy

Airports Company South Africa’s core threepillar business strategy forms the basis of all strategic endeavours. Our strategy is implemented and its performance measured against a set of strategic objectives and associated key performance indicators (KPI).

 View more information about our strategic objectives and KPIs.

Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework depicts the impact we want to make on our business, our people and society and our environment which are aligned with the IIRC’s six capitals.

Run airports

By running our airports efficiently and developing them innovatively, we will enhance the regional economy.

Develop airports

Improving our capacity and infrastructure grows our footprint through effective operation and partnerships.

Grow footprint

A larger footprint provides more impactful outcomes for the country and the world.

Our business

  • Financial capital
  • Manufactured capital
  • Intellectual capital

Our people and society

  • Human capital
  • Social and relationship capital

Our environment

  • Natural capital

Strategy map

Our strategy map depicts our strategic objectives in the context of our balanced scorecard (Financial; Customer and stakeholder; Internal processes and Organisational capacity).